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Our Process

This process will give you the idea of the business model which is to create videos that have a strategic ad marketing plan designed to generate leads, sales and grow your business
This is the FILMR Strategy

We’ve developed a proven process to create successful marketing strategies

The unique aspect of the FILMR process is the combination of talent & technology. This means you not only get the tools you need to market and grow your business online, but you also get a dedicated marketing team who does everything for you. This allows you to focus on running your business while we focus on driving yor business.
This is Strategy!

The FILMR Process

The learning stage. We learn about your business: the goals, struggles, tactics, ways you do business, values, people involved, hiring/training processes, etc.
Strategy creation. We design a personalized plan to create videos with a purpose and generate the highest return on investment.
You are presented with our personalized strategy for video creation and how we will distribute said videos. Contract is signed and a deposit is made.
Now that the video and marketing plan has been established, we need to get into the nitty gritty of the videos. Where, when and how the videos with be created. Waivers signed, actors selected, location chosen, people involved are informed and on the same page, etc.
Our team comes out to capture your company's brand, atmosphere. mission and vision on camera.
The editing stage. This is where the beautiful images actually become something. Lots of hours are poured into this stage but it's well worth it. The final product is more than just a video! Each video works with each other to generate leads, increase sales, and save time.
The videos are sent to you via the cloud, you provide feedback, and we take the necessary steps to adjust the videos.
We use small amounts of money on advertising each day to test what will provide the best return on investment.
We now have the information we need in order to go into our full marketing plan. The advertising is executed.
Marketing Excellence

We provide our clients with industrial, technical, and creative experience

Every marketing process matters. Your business can only reach its full potential when all your planning processes are as efficient and effective as they can be. That’s why your approach to presenting your business – and achieving marketing success – are vital to gaining the advantage you need.


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Video Marketing Trifecta
We'll send you a link to download your FREE strategy guide

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Video Marketing Trifecta
We'll send you a link to download your FREE strategy guide

Where should we send your free video strategy?

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